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Transportation of our Products


Drill pipe Corrosion Control and Monitoring Programs

Western Chemical Specialties offers individually tailored Corrosion Control Programs to analyze, control, and monitor potential corrosive attack to drill pipe found in water based drilling fluids. For further information please contact us and a representative would be happy to discuss how best to serve your needs

Our Corrosion Control Programs are designed to prevent scale accumulation and control accelerated rates of drill pipe corrosion while drilling with water based and air drilling fluid systems. Depending on the drilling fluid being utilized we recommend an appropriate chemical corrosion inhibitor which is added on a daily basis. Quantity and treatment dosage recommendations are based on the results of drill pipe corrosion coupon analysis, previous knowledge of corrosion related issues in the area, and known corrosion issues that accompany the formulation of drilling fluid being used. Inhibitor treatment usually commences at out from surface and continues until Total Depth is reached, displacement to an oil based drilling fluid, or per drilling consultant discretion. Corrosion rings are installed in the drill string at spud, run for a recommended 100-150 hours, then pulled and replaced. Western Chemical will analyze the exposed ring with a written review including rate of corrosion in (lb/ft2/year) and treatment recommendations for consultants and rig managers. Copies of the ring reports will be sent operator and contractor offices.

Corrosion Coupons (Rings), Monitoring, and Analysis
  •  We have all major sizes of corrosion rings in stock and can special order if need be.

  •  The use of corrosion ring monitoring provides quick corrosion related feedback in addition to ensuring a complete corrosion history when used for the duration of the well. Suggested treatment rates might be adjusted based on ring data but only after consultation with onsite company representatives.  Corrosion reports will be issued as soon as possible after analysis. Copies are presented to consultants, rig managers, contractor, and operators offices.    

Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Our corrosion inhibitors can be delivered in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, or chemical totes for larger jobs. 

  • If needed a chemical metering pump (hoses & setup) will be provided for larger applications.

Bacteria Testing and Treatment as an additional option if desired

Routine bacteria testing of the reserve pit and mud system are also included with our service. Higher PH (9.5-12) works well at keeping bacteria growth in the mud system to a minimum. If bacteria levels become high we will inform consultants and treat the problem at your discretion. Biocides are available at an additional cost.

We deliver our products to location prior to spud and move unused chemical to next location. Empty drums, excess equipment, or inventory will be removed at the end of the well or earlier depending on the situation.    

Rig Visits

Field engineers will visit rigs once per week, or as needed should special circumstances arise. We will check in with consultants/rig managers, provide a folder, written recommendations, and a verbal update to the corrosion control aspects of the well. Also will have a working relationship with the mud engineer, giving insight and input throughout the well. Corrosion Ring reports will be presented as soon as we test them.    

Safety Compliance

All safety standards on drilling locations will be complied with. Field engineers will sign in/out; leave copies of material safety sheets with Safety office, Consultants, Tool Pusher, and in our Dog House folder. All our drivers hold commercial drivers licenses with HAZMAT endorsements.

In Conclusion

Field engineers visit our rigs once per week, providing analysis and recommendations on every visit.  Per day treatment will depend on PH, Chlorides, alkalinities, bacteria, H2S and excess CO2 from the formation drilled. Any amendment to chemical treatment will be adjusted after consultation with consultant on location. We do not charge per visit, freight, corrosion coupons, or bacteria testing. We only charge for the amount of chemical used.

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